In today"s world, a website is a necessary marketing tool to be competitive and stay in business. It is almost as important as having a physical location for a retail store. According to HubSpot, 78 percent of Internet user participates in buying items online. Considering that around 3 billion people use the internet, it is a huge loss of opportunity not to tap into that virtual real estate.

Since the internet is a huge marketplace, a lot of businesses already have an online presence. Based on the report of Statistics Brain, in 2012 only 24.8% of the American businesses they surveyed have a corporate website for their clients. However, in 2013 82% of small businesses have websites according to Small Business Technology Report. This statistic shows that your competitors will easily leave you out if you don"t have a website.

As mentioned earlier, there are around three billion internet users. That number will definitely go up. Not having a website means you have lost your exposure and marketing opportunity to billions of people. Add to that, a huge number of users don"t merely browse the internet but avid internet shoppers as well. In 2013, there were 191.1 million internet shoppers, and it was projected to go up to 215.1 million according to Statista. That"s a lot of marketing potential. Florida search engine marketing experts can help your potential customers find your website.

The reasons above are just some of the advantages of having a website to market your services and products. However, in today"s field of business, it is equally important to have a web design according to the needs of the business. It can be a competitive advantage that is evolving into a matter of need rather than an option.

What are your options to have a successful web design?

First, you have the option of hiring a company dedicated to web design. It is the most logical choice for the company, as it would benefit from the years of experience and skills of workers and could save many potholes. If a company is financially able to do so, it is the best option because eventually it will be much cheaper and the result will be better.

On the other hand, there are always people who have time or interest to learn a little of everything and want to save money performing web design. Thus, at the level of web design, you could have these options:

Make a website using a website editor where you can build your website in 5 minutes. It is, however, is very inadvisable because it almost always involves a problem of scalability.

Install and use a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. They are a little harder to use tools than an editor, but ultimately the result is much larger, more scalable and adaptable over time.

Make a website using ‘code from scratch," that is, without using a content manager.

A different issue would be the development of mobile applications, which to date is unlikely to ‘non-specialist" to do fairly well. There are no third-party applications that allow high-quality output even though the user has no technical knowledge. Remember that creating a mobile application must involve a reflection of you whether you agree or not. Above all, frame it within your mobile marketing strategy.

What to do after building a website?

Creating a website doesn"t mean you will immediately have numbers of new customers. Gathering fruits from your website can only be done or with patience, dedication and hard work. Let yourself be advised by professionals. Above all, focus your efforts on generating quality content along with investment in ad platforms like Google Adwords and Bing Ads, through an SEM consultant. Make your website rank higher with the help of SEO companies in Jacksonville. Remember, no investment, no profit.

All types of professionals, including certain web designers and programmers, have come up with their level of online marketing. It is important to gain technical skills to develop and design a website. It is equally important to have strategic vision and in depth knowledge of digital marketing.

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