When to position our brand is all about and even more if your business has a physical location. Local SEO is a critical factor to attract potential customers who are close to your business.When to position our brand is all about and even more if your business has a physical location. It is a significant factor to attract potential customers who are close to your business.

Local SEO is a powerful marketing tool. It is the method to get your company to appear naturally with organic results on Google for local searches. This happens when users from your city or within the area search for a product or service that you offer.
When searching on Google for the search terms, it"s not only the most relevant websites that will appear. However, images and videos will also appear. In the case of local searches, results will also display local shops through the Google Maps service.

Hence, this factor is fundamental. So if you have not given more importance to local SEO, it"s time to start doing so. Contact your best local SEO companies in your area. Here are some of the alternatives as a starting point where you register your website if you want to improve local SEO.

High position in local directory

Not to be confused with SEO packages sold (or are still being sold) to register your site in a lot of directories that are not useful.
What it does is makes your site easier to locate in relevant national and local directories for your area. Google will take it into account because they are considered as authority sites.
For example, there are:

There will also be local directories, list of businesses in your town, chambers of commerce, etc. that you also have to add to your list.

What is Google My Business?

It is a free tool from Google where you can register your local business. It will then appear on Google Search, Maps or Google+. Thus customers can easily search it using any device. It is still helpful that you register your business here even though you are hiring the best local SEO companies. It is essential to complement the web with Google My Business, which will give you a public identity and geographic presence in Google.

Advantages of Google My Business

Using SEO service, your business may appear in local search results. However, there are still merits in using Google My Business.

  • Keep your clients updated with all the information about your company such as opening and closing, telephone, address, information.
  • Customer loyalty through Google+ page
  • Get stats on how customers searched your business, where they come from and be able to follow user interactions.

Steps in signing up for Google My Business

To begin, you need to have a Gmail account or an email account linked to Google.Then the first thing you have to do is look for your business because Google Maps covered its database with information from local directories and you may already be listed. If so, you have to edit the information displayed to complete and optimize it. If you are not registered, you will require the creation of your new page by following these steps:

  • Choose either between one of the three categories shown (Showcase, Service Area, Brand). The group selection will influence how Google treat your business and how it will consider whether to appear or not in search results
  • A complete listing with 100% correct information
  • Use a proper address and accurate description of the location of your company
  • Select related category. You may choose up to 10 categories related to your business. It"s better to use the minimum categories possible. These should be specific and represent the core business.
  • Verify your company when you receive your PIN. When you finish completing the form, Google will send a letter to confirm that your business is really in the address set. Your company will appear as unverified on Google + until you enter the PIN code.
  • After verification, you are good to go. Do not forget to check and analyze the statistics that your tool gives you. Also, you can access the Google Analytics data on your site from the Control Panel of Google My Business.

Consider hiring SEO service

Of course, aside from Google My Business, there will be other portal references in your industry you have to take advantage, too.
With the introduction of Google Pigeon released last July 24, 2014, there"s a drastic change in the local search engine results. Now the local SEO is crucial.

If you have a business address, you can have local marketing by getting it appear naturally alongside the organic results in Google is essential. If you do a good job of local SEO, you can get the first page for searches related to your business in your city. So if you have a local business, do not forget to register and hire a marketing company specializing in local SEO.

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